Sunday, 28 October 2012


Okay so it's like 3 Oclock again and as usual a blog needs to be done. I seem to work too long but get up far to late and so need to work longer for me to get any amount of work done. Anywho so yeh some modelling today again and trying to layout texture sheets, most are a 512 x 512 24 bit but i have a few alphas and i might have one 1024. So tomorrow will probably be making sure i have the texture space for everything and then unwrapping most likely :D. I think I added some things so i'll do down the pictures here and describe what i have.

ferris wheel part and sky master...might be able to fit something else into this texture sheet.

teapot and tea cup and ferris wheel carriage

newt bin, exit sign, ferris wheel middle and water tower

3 freak show posters, balloon, duck and bulb

wallpaper torn and out of order sign (alpha sheet)

Carousel horse, teddy bear and inflatable hammer

carousel components (i missed a component, I'll try squish into it as well)

punch and judy (lecturers), clown cutout

ticket booth, love machine and punch and judy box

cables, stings, fence, vent corner, vent straight, generator

And heres the punch and judy lectures. I upped the tris since this screenshot, they still are around 70 tris but look alot nicer. From left to right its Mike, Chris and Heather. I will have them animate bonking chris over the head :D. I like my projects to be fun lol

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Balloons, Carousels & Ferris Wheels

Okay so back with the blogging, after a long period away and without my pen drive I have been trying to get stuff done as i wait for it in the post. So as you see know the horses are modeled and most of the carousel is modelled, there is a few tweaks i have to make but its nothing major. I also noticed the scale of my level is off somehow even after all those whiteboxes so i have to up the scale of the rooftop so the player can actually move round it.

I modelled some other basic assets as well like the love machine, inflatable hammer, vents and generator so all pretty basic stuff.

I also had some fun importing the balloons into the scene and trying to place them which is awesome. I will add a wind actor to them to make them move so they are less static and i wont put them on the carousel either because it would move and it would involve way too much matinee and i think i have enough matinee as it is.

But yeah its a slow progress but I'm trying my best to catch up. hopefully i will have a lot more done by the time it hits this presentation on Friday. I don't like to use excuses so I will take what is said on the chin and get the project finished during Christmas or during assessment time. It's not being negative or anything I just know i can't complete it in a week but I am going to try and get as much as I can done. I am really enjoying this project when I'm not procrastinating, it's fun and I can tell when it comes to colour I'm going to go mad so i'll have to rein myself in a bit.

Anywho hurrah update, work and stuffs

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Inspiration Part 2

Okay So inspiration again, not really focusing on anything i just went into the main gallery i have and selected random ones and got carried away and selected 150 images so i apologies for that.