Tuesday, 9 October 2012

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Okay today's blog is about...you guessed it modular assets...i think I'm infested with modularity disease, i think i need a injection of get a life. Now if i loaded in my pictures that would be a start....its been a long day leave me alone.

Really simple low poly for the skymaster, i have to do the carriage but the main body is done. As mentioned in the picture i will use a lot of lights to detail it out and have a cool light show going on so that will be cool :D. And the water tower, it says it all on the picture. I have went all professional today since last time i had atrocious handwriting. The bottom bit will be repeated to create the base, DONE.

I recently found a love of newts, I have no idea why I just find them incredibly cute and awesome, so to pay homage to this I made a cute bin. No penis jokes people when its textured it will be less gross looking.

I've been working on this for a couple of days, its not finished but i thought i'd show some progress with it. The carousel i want to do is quite lavish and quite pronounced. This means i cannot simply normal map it in. So i made as low poly as i could mesh to support the design. I also did a really quick unwrap to test the texture to see what parts of the mesh needed fixing.

I made the rest of it and you can see I've bent it a bit now and tried to test it modulate but i couldn't be bothered to try and work it out so i'm leaving it for today. You may think its great all these blogs now but when it comes to unwrapping it will be the most boring blog ever, one picture of half a UV sheet finished. As stated please don't look at these poly counts, i work in a very weird way in which i make copies of assets when they reach a certain level so i can go back on them if something messes up with them. If you took the triangle counts seriously my newt bin would have almost 30,000 tris.

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