Thursday, 25 October 2012

Inspiration Part 2

Okay So inspiration again, not really focusing on anything i just went into the main gallery i have and selected random ones and got carried away and selected 150 images so i apologies for that. 


  1. amazing range of images. would be worth including references so you and I could trsack them back to their sources. Also, a good idea to caption them with at least the artists name.

    I'm also interested in why you've selected some if these, and what you can take from them to inform your own work.

    In otherwords, rather than just havin ga nice collection of pictures, try a little analytical thought and review.

  2. Thanks Mike, I like to do inspiration blogs to give people a different insight of what the web has to offer. I think people can get bogged down in the boring stuff but I love crazy random things.

    Yeh I have most of the artist's names on the file structure for the image. I just kept selecting more and more from my inspiration folder. As you say I saved down these images for a reason I just thought it would be too long to go through every single one and say why, so I'm letting other people make their own impression of the art.

    But yeh certainly if I find a few spare hours I'll go over this again and try put the artists name and why I liked them for you :)