Sunday, 13 November 2011

Animal Cruelty – Kill the killers

If you think the video of that woman putting the cat in the bin was bad, get prepared for some sick shit.

Okay recently through my daily browsing on Facebook I have been noticing a lot of articles relating to cruelty to animals. At first I thought it was some sort of cult going about killing animals because of some twisted view on how to get to heaven or whatnot. But as I researched it became more clear that humans are just...*insert F and C curse words*. Excuse the language but I'm afraid you will agree with me as I go on to explain more. Discretion is advised so don't click on any links I put up unless you are prepared to see some disturbing images and videos.

So the first thing I noticed on the old facebook was a dog that had been tied up and attached to a car and of course the twats dragged him along the road. The picture showed the dog with red marks all over his body from where his skin once lay. This intrigued me, what fucked up person would do this to an innocent animal. As I browsed more I found another image in which men had pressed a kitten up against a fence and tortured it until it died. Humankind...should me more Human-unkind, bad joke but its late and I’ve watched a lot of shit tonight.

Recently Sai has had the misfortune of having an animal killed due to poisoned chicken, and it was then I started to think about a cult going around. Why else were there so many animal deaths popping up around the world? And so my search began on the web and my rock hard stomach would soon be tested.

On the web I got the cases of thousands of birds just dropping from the sky...okay this could be poisoned or something...wrong the fact is that the birds were just greedy bastards and ate too much and ended up dying...I know WTF. In other incidents hundreds of fish were found dead...again could be people, you know grenade tossing and all that jazz...but nope, the fish were most likely washed up due to the cold waters and mass procreation causing too many of them. So after reading about fat birds and sex loving fish I decided well if I can't find stuff maybe there hasn't been as many animal cruelty acts as I first thought. Wrong, all you have to do is refine your search.

So Youtube ended up provided some “interesting” links, if you can call it that. The link below is about Australian cattle being exported to Indonesia for Halal meat. For Halal meat it dictates that a well sharpened knife is used to make a deep incision that cuts the front of the throat, the carotid artery, windpipe and jugular veins but leaves the spinal cord intact, the head of the animal that is slaughters is pointed towards Mecca. It is then left to bleed out which can take up to 10 minutes depending on the animal. But these exported cows where tortured, the men snapping the tails of the cows, gorging out their eyes and pouring water into their noses. This is just wrong, since when did we get away with doing this to innocent animals. If these cows must be killed then it should be done in the most humane way as possible. The video below is quite distressing and I do have a big love for cows so it was a little unsettling watching it but I feel like I should write about something that is important to me.

This link lead me to other acts of humans brutally murdering animals and brought me to a video about protesting of the violent abuse dogs are given in Chile. And so I searched, the article below accounts multiple acts of brutally to dogs.

“In one disturbing report, a family's German shepherd was romping around his fenced-in backyard when a neighbor threw a chunk of meat over the fence. It was laced with Strychnine. Apparently, the neighbor was angry that the dog was barking. He died shortly after. “

“In yet another instance, around 85 dogs were rounded up and killed in La Moneda in order to get them off the streets to prepare for a political event. “

“In Rinconada (also known as "hell on earth for dogs"), dogs are routinely — yes, routinely — poisoned, beaten, stabbed, shot at and ran over. “

My thoughts on this... well lets just say some people have to die. Treating animals like they don't have feelings is just inconceivable. Why people do these sort of this I do not understand, is it for pleasure or because their crazy in the head. I don't know but this sort of thing has to stop.

This leads me to my next link. The most outrageous and unnerving of the links I will provide. This is a blog on stopping animal abuse and as such has distressing pictures and videos of animals being tortured for fun. I repeat, FOR FUN. I only watched a few of the latest videos put up but I couldn't even stand the sound on. For those that don't want to click on the link I will describe some of the things that are shown. In one example a group of men have a dog on a leach in which they torture it and pour gasoline on the poor animal, they then set it alight and follow it as it screams in pain. I couldn't keep the sound on while watching this one, the cries of the dog were just too much for me to listen to. How can people even hold a camera with the intent to post it online? What type of dick swinging is this? Oh look at me I can kill a small helpless dog. What the fuck does that prove except that you are a ignorant sick murderous vile scum of the earth that should be given the same treatment that poor animal received.

In another example kids throw a puppy to the floor and light its whiskers on fire and continue to hit it with large sticks like its some sort of play thing. Kids, of all things, what the hell is happening to this world. I was totally shocked and appalled at the videos I seen on this website but it educated me on the sick being that exist. I also found out that so called “crush” videos have been circulating around the web for a couple of years now in which people crush animals. In one of the videos it showed a woman crushing a rabbit between a table and a plank. There are a ton of other examples but I'm going to wrap this up before I’m sick.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Gandhi

Omg Gandhi I love you, I totally agree, people who torture animals for fun, they have no morality, they have no soul and therefore shouldn't be allowed to live. It makes me sad to be a part of a race that continue to make me sick. But to look at the world from this perceptive would only leave to bad consequences for example me going Dexter on peoples asses, but that would make me as low as they are. Fortunately we have people in this world that do good, unfortunately animal cruelty is something that seems to be increasing every year and there no way to stop it unless more people are convicted like the true criminals they are, justice is needed to protect the innocence, human and animal alike.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

New Law Protects Christians Who Bully Gay Kids - Discuss i.e. Rage about

I don't normally post blogs on politics and all that balls because it usually doesn’t interest me. I don't know what’s happening in the political world because its all pointless and just petty. But I was on youtube today and a video peaked my interest. The title of the video is;

New Law Protects Christians Who Bully Gay Kids”

So what the fuck? This video is from
Democrat senator Gretchen Whitmer who is outraged at the sheer stupidness of the law. A quote from the video states "As passed today, bullying kids is OK if a student, parent, teacher or school employee can come up with a moral or religious reason for doing it."

What the hell is America doing? They are pushing themselves into a society that accepts no-one. Who the fuck said christians where right? Doesn't everybody have a right to believe in what they want, whether it be god, shiva or zeus? There is no justification for bullying. It's as the senator said they are providing an excuse for people to bully. I've been the result of bullying, it is degrading you feel shit and if you stand up for yourself you'll get bullied worse, I was bullied for being gay. It doesn't matter what you say, what they see is someone vulnerable enough to pick on and get away with it. The law is named after a kid who killed himself because of bullying, a law to allow bullying, how insensitive is that. His parents spoke and were ashamed to have such a law in his name, it goes against everything they believe in.

So lets go back to that comment that if you have a moral or religious reason for doing it, its fine, your a saint. Did you know in south africa there was an epidemic of child rape because they believed virgins would prevent them from getting aids. This meant they went around raping children as young as you don't want to know. Now I know that it wasn’t religion and they knew it wasn't moral but imagine a culture that did this because it was part of their religion would this be an acceptable law to enforce the protection of these people? A better example is in the Vodun faith people can state themselves as being “ridden” this refers to a god has taking over their body. The ritual in which to cure it they use rum and tobacco. That is part of someone’s religion, should they bring in a law to state that if an african child or teenager states “ridden” they are allowed to drink alcohol and smoke?

What I'm doing is beating around the bush saying that they wouldn't do it for any other culture, its just to satisfy the racist, homophobic society America is.

There was a study done on religious groups and racial bias. A quote from it states;

Religious groups distinguish between believers and non-believers and moral people and immoral ones, So perhaps it’s no surprise that the strongly religious people in our research, who were mostly white Christians, discriminated against others who were different from them — blacks and minorities.”
This also means that the law could probably be used to bully black kids because hey we all know that famous passage in the bible “Love Thy neighbour”. They don't even follow the words their suppose to.


Oh hey I'm Paul's dad and I'm a Christian, we believe it is morally wrong to be black and so that’s why my son punched this nigger in the face.

Police Officer;
Totally fine sir, have a nice black free day.

When will people grow the fuck up. We live in a multi cultural society, people don’t want to hide what they are whether that be gay, transsexual, Muslim, short, ginger...whatever, I purposely put Muslim short and ginger in there because there is discrimination against everything. What isn't normal is wrong. Normal does not exist I’m afraid, we are all different, all unique its a pity we have people in this world that just want to fight. Religion, money, power/greed and politics, all the things that start wars.

People have the right to believe in what they want but they shouldn't enforce their beliefs onto others. We have minds we don't need people preaching to us everyday to make a choice. There is no correct choice, most people need something to believe in and that’s fine. Albeit am I to tell them not to; but don't try and put in a system in which to “protect” kids from bulling by allowing it, no matter the reasoning.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, okay I can't get my words out properly anymore so I’m going to stop, my hearts a thumping. Need to listen to some mozart and calm down. If your interested in the link;

TADA, like magic;