Thursday, 10 February 2011


A week ago we got a talk on inspiration from the lads at blitz. It was an awesome talk that let us see them as artists not game artists. It also fills our head with more artist to go research and enjoy. Chris on Tuesday talked to us about his inspirations of some of the masters, there was one particular one that I could adapt the style of but I can't remember the name of unfortunately, but I will ask him again. Big artists seems to impress everyone, but why? For me inspiration comes from everywhere and it can be everything. I am inspired by the some big artists, but not them all. For me inspiration is something that strikes me in the face and it is hard to describe I feel something different, it's like a heartbeat skip. This seems very corny but this is what genuinely happens, I should get that checked out.

One of the most inspirational things to me is clouds. I love clouds so much, they inspire me to draw and be creative.  I am also partial to sculptures, I will provide some examples of these below. Some are inspiration because of the sheer detail and some are inspiration because they are so clean and beautifully carved.  I'm one of these people who have a folder in my pictures and stored inspirational pictures so I will share some of these with you all.

I think I will make sculpting as my backup if game art fails me. I would be almost be a hypocrite if i wasn't inspired by concept art, and of course i have a folder dedicated to conceptual art. This includes art from not only games but films as well, and ranges from stylized to realistic.