Friday, 15 March 2013


Last weekend I went to a 24 hour game jam event in Lincoln University. I worked with three programmers to attempt to produce a game in that period of time. We were given the tile of Uranium Madness and so based a game on elements and a capture the node based system. I, of course was in charge of the art and below is the stuff I worked on over the period of time.

 Normal Unit

 Heavy Unit

Fast Unit

 You can see my work ranged from Hud to in-game sprites. I made everything in 3DsMax and unwrapped, textured then rendered out the images. This is a longer way to do things rather than just drawing them but I wanted the hand painted practice. It was an awesome day to get out and understand how programmers work but it was very hard, trying to work for 24 hours is not an easy task. Unfortunately we weren't able to get a game together due to the code crashing but I still had fun and I learned a lot from the experience.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Speed Modelling & Texturing

So I've entered the Lincoln Game Jam, it takes place on Saturday and will involve making a small game in a 24 hour period. I decided I would give myself an hour challenge and see how I get on. I started with getting an idea through generators.

Ivy Sparrow is what I got, I recorded my timings below;

Started = 16:39
Finished researcg &concepting = 16: 47                    8 minutes
Finished Model = 17:06                                           19 minutes
Finish Unwrapping = 17:13                                        7 minutes
Finish Diffuse = 17:47                                               34 minutes

So I didn't do a normal or a specular, that's a bit much to ask in that time But you can see the model below, I hope to do this again in the week, try and quicken myself up for a long night of modelling on Saturday, but it was a fun exercise. On later thought minus the ivy up the bird and alpha it on the stick.