Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Speed Modelling & Texturing

So I've entered the Lincoln Game Jam, it takes place on Saturday and will involve making a small game in a 24 hour period. I decided I would give myself an hour challenge and see how I get on. I started with getting an idea through generators.

Ivy Sparrow is what I got, I recorded my timings below;

Started = 16:39
Finished researcg &concepting = 16: 47                    8 minutes
Finished Model = 17:06                                           19 minutes
Finish Unwrapping = 17:13                                        7 minutes
Finish Diffuse = 17:47                                               34 minutes

So I didn't do a normal or a specular, that's a bit much to ask in that time But you can see the model below, I hope to do this again in the week, try and quicken myself up for a long night of modelling on Saturday, but it was a fun exercise. On later thought minus the ivy up the bird and alpha it on the stick.

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