Monday, 8 October 2012

What Happened?

Today was quite slow and unproductive as far as work wise goes, i forgot how tedious it can be to make modular assets because it takes a lot of tweaking, especially with it having to modulate cylindrically. I was to do the ferris wheel today and i kinda did i still have some issues with it but I'm gonna call it for tonight before my laptop meets his new friend hammer.

The ferris wheel of the right was my first attempt and it was alright but there wasn't anywhere to put lights and so i made the left version which i like a lot better, this gives me more room to put a lot of flashy lights and make it interesting.

But with the other ones there were far too many spokes to get a carriage to decent size in so i had to sit and tweak and tweak and tweak, then tea and more tweaking because for some reason it wouldn't align properly. It still isn't right but i gave up at this point and added some lights and tested how it looked. Note that its missing the big round bit that's only because i forgot to export it. 

This is what the asset will look like when put into UDK then i have to assemble it, as i keep saying triangle count, doesn't count to repeated assets, blah blah blah and so I am able to get away with a little more detail. I didn't want to use alpha's either because i have plenty of assets and i don't wanna waste texture space and size by adding a massive one.

And i made these as well, the bulb i tested beforehand, a fence, rubber duck, balloon and no entry sign. So i didn't do too badly today it was just more frustrating that i had to spend so much time on that one asset. But I guess it is a main asset and stuff so it has to be right. Better spend a day and make it look good rather than an hour and make it look like a child had fashioned it out of play doe.

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