Saturday, 27 October 2012

Balloons, Carousels & Ferris Wheels

Okay so back with the blogging, after a long period away and without my pen drive I have been trying to get stuff done as i wait for it in the post. So as you see know the horses are modeled and most of the carousel is modelled, there is a few tweaks i have to make but its nothing major. I also noticed the scale of my level is off somehow even after all those whiteboxes so i have to up the scale of the rooftop so the player can actually move round it.

I modelled some other basic assets as well like the love machine, inflatable hammer, vents and generator so all pretty basic stuff.

I also had some fun importing the balloons into the scene and trying to place them which is awesome. I will add a wind actor to them to make them move so they are less static and i wont put them on the carousel either because it would move and it would involve way too much matinee and i think i have enough matinee as it is.

But yeah its a slow progress but I'm trying my best to catch up. hopefully i will have a lot more done by the time it hits this presentation on Friday. I don't like to use excuses so I will take what is said on the chin and get the project finished during Christmas or during assessment time. It's not being negative or anything I just know i can't complete it in a week but I am going to try and get as much as I can done. I am really enjoying this project when I'm not procrastinating, it's fun and I can tell when it comes to colour I'm going to go mad so i'll have to rein myself in a bit.

Anywho hurrah update, work and stuffs

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