Saturday, 6 October 2012

Freak Show Posters

 So day two and what did i decide to do...draw freak show pictures. I want to have a tent in my rooftop for a freak show but i'm not going to let the player enter as it is  "closed". But I do need some posters to show the animals they have on show. And then heres the fun part making weird animals;

I tried to go for a vintage but modern approach to the design of the posters. I'm still not happy with the text but I will go back on it when i can be bothered to browse the web for "circus font". Hopefully i might have another one done by the end of tonight and I will upload that too.

As promised another one for tonight :D, thinking about texture size and stuff this might be all i can fit but i would like to do a few more if i have the space so i guess these are low priority until that point :(.

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