Sunday, 7 October 2012


And so i spent the day whiteboxing, trying out different designs to see what would fit well. Obviously i want the Ferris wheel to be my main focal point. 

I finally settled with the one below and started to add some basic placeholders to get a feel for layout, size and scale of everything. you see the type of stuff i want on the rooftop.

I didn't like that layout and so i amended it some more to get a better composition and height variations. During all these test phases i was importing them in UDK as well to get a feel for scale and if the player can walk through the level.

So after i had put it into UDK one time i felt there wasn't enough height variation still so i searched some rides and found the sky master, tall ride but thin enough that i would put it in my level. Note the beautiful pastel pink.

And finally once I played it through i found the entrance wall and entrance blocked the view a lot and so i just removed them, i had them there in the first place to add an element of surprise but they ended up just distracting from it.

Now truthfully this wasn't done in one day but a few spread over but i was waiting to do a purely whitebox post. Now I'm going to block of the stairs as well so they can't actually get up there because I'm just pure evil. So I think its onto the asset listing which i have kindof started but because a lot of stuff is modulated due to the restrictions its hard to try and work out stuff...yeah lol so I will get that up tomorrow hopefully and get some low poly assets done for the scene. I plan to at least have one max scene with all my low polys and that will tell me my triangle count so I will never go over, aint I a smart bunny :D

Onwards and upwards 

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