Thursday, 25 October 2012

No Update?

So i haven't updated in a while and in the shortest possible way to say what happened is shit happens. I am a couple of weeks behind but I WILL catch up, I WILL get a first this year. No point moaning on the time i have lost when i have more time available in front of me, simples.

If only i had my pen drive instead of leaving it in Ireland >:(, one of these days i swear lol. So backup plan upload everything to dropbox everyday and take down what you need. The hassle when you forget stuff, but it will do. Anywho I would upload what i worked on today but it was just trying to modulate the carousel again so it's all very boring stuff. I'll upload something interesting tomorrow maybe if you are lucky. I could do an inspiration blog post again as it's been a while and my folder increases every week.

I leave you with my pumpkin I carved when i was back in Ireland, haloween is fun :D

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