Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What have you been working on?

Well low poly vehicle is done as you know, I have been unwrapping for the last few days but it's took me longer than usual due to the fact that Max wants to crash all the time. I dunno what causes this but a constant supply of crashing and forgetting to save can get rather frustrating. Also due to not have max 2012 at home i am limited in awesome unwrap features and so i must wait until tomorrow to get all the parts into my texture space. So by the time James comes I WILL have this unwrapped, I WILL have baked down my normal map and AO's and I WILL have a basic diffuse. And I HOPE to start a colour specular so i can test the brassiness. So yeah i have a couple of days left but that's time enough as long as max and I can stay friends :D

So due to crapiness I have been working on the Bioware Character project, the project is to either design a character  or create an existing character from the Mass effect or Dragonage games and make it. So I decided to make a Drell. It's interesting to get back into character modelling, i do enjoy it and the Zbrush practice is needed for FMP so its a win win situation :)

It's coming along a few more tweaks and it will be done. I've been trying to find a good scale alpha because these creatures are like reptiles but i haven't found a nice one yet but when i do that will finish it off nicely and produce me one nice little mesh to work with :D


  1. There's some wicked alphas for download on the pixologic website and there's a skins section: