Sunday, 4 November 2012

Vehicle Project

So when I heard we were getting a vehicle project I was dreading it. Because Codemasters were setting the brief I assumed it was going to be a rally car or something of that sort which I know I wouldn't enjoy. But when we got the brief and seen how open it was I got really excited...vehicles, me, excited. These things have never been muttered in a sentence before this point.

What were my first ideas then? I wanted to do a tractor, go right back to my Irish roots and they are generally more interesting than a generic sci-fi vehicle or car. Then I started searching and I got stuck, first there are so many awesome tractor designs but I also then started to fall in love with other vehicles that I would love to model. So here's the results;

Okay so this bad boy is a 1926 William Foster No. 14564 Tractor. It's so awesome, the colour the look its just so cool. But I have one problem with it, it looks more like a gypsy caravan than a tractor and so unfortunately I'm not for doing this one but I though i would add it here because it is an awesome tractor.

This is a trailer...thing...ummmm let me get the name... a Ruston Clover Huller, it's a thresher....whatever that is. But I loved its design, real in game stuff where it just looks like someone has added random components to make it look pretty but have no function lol. But yeh its a vehicle kindof but I don't think I could present it well so nope <3

Now this is a definite contender, it has beautiful awesome colour, awesome scale I can light it awesomely and so it will abide by Sam's Law. I really love this crane, this Ruston Bucyrus Crawler Crane. Yes I done my research lol. After seeing this I completely forgot about the tractor because its so amazing. So yeh this could be the one :D

But then I found this Hornsby chain track tractor, old tractors are the best and it has such an awesome design. It might be a little complicated for the time period we have but it is still up there because of its awesomeness. Very steampunky and I would really enjoy modelling this, but as I say it only has one flaw that its very complicated in some areas.

And once I thought it was all over this 1912 Renault opera coupe came into my radar. I never liked cars I always thought they were boring and I never thought I would actually consider modelling but but I adore the colours and shape of this car. It has a beautiful gold and blue colour scheme which is soooooooooo awesome, the material definition is superb and I so very much want to model it..

And so I am stuck between awesome crane, awesome tractor and awesome car. Views and suggestions would be highly appreciated as I am going to spend the rest of tonight weighing out the pro's and con's to each of these, it does seem right now I am weighing more towards the car. Who knew I would actually find this project interesting :D


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