Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Unwrapping finished...or is it?

Well long long hours of unwrapping and I have a result. I tired to be efficient with my space and I think I did okay. So why do I somewhat that it is unfinished? Well I did a test bake with my wheel and the results where less than desirable, some parts stretched and stuff and so I want to do a few more tests and if it's my unwrap I will literally cry lol. Hopefully I am just being stupid and everything will be fine....:( So my tonight is adjust my high poly to fit the low poly more and trying a new new test :D


  1. and I thought my house uv map was already complicated... ;__;

    1. lol Packing UV's is fun... *cries*. Less black space the more efficient but that means more time tweaking :D. Life of a game artist eh :)