Thursday, 15 November 2012

Opera Coupe High Poly

High poly almost done...who knew high poly took so long. It is my first time doing a high poly like this and yeah it's going quite well but i am wasting a lot of time on it. But on the other hand by doing so I am giving myself an awesome normal map and AO to work with, and that just with a block colour diffuse looks awesome. So only a week for James to come back and I want to have low poly done which i am starting tomorrow, unwrapped, baked down with normal and AO and half textured by that time... Ambitious maybe but if i keep in the habbit of staying in the labs late I can get it done. It's been hard to focus and the mind is an easy thing to wonder but I try my best to keep it on work, but anywho no excuses I will get this one done in 2 weeks time :D

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