Saturday, 24 November 2012

Car & Bunnies

So Just working on the textures now and playing with the shaders in Max....playing a little too much but I'm all about the shiny shiny gold. It gives it a stylized look which is pretty cool. It is a bit overdone but this is only me playing about. I hope to finish this bad boy next week. Got some critique from James, he's a really nice guy and was giving me tips on getting the environment done and he set me something quite easy to do so i can get the reflection map working and looking cool. So yeah all the funs are being had, i need to work out the Codemasters shaders though and try get the alphas working.

And as I try to distract myself I work on low poly bunnies....yeah I'm not sure either. But it was just a fun little project to do in my spare time. It's not quite finished but I'm saying it is and moving on, maybe do another low poly project because I enjoyed this one. 

Two different sheets because i couldn't decide on layout. But the story goes bunny is boxing, bunny gets cocky, bunny gets knocked out and then cries...poor bunny :(


  1. nice work, but a little dark - lose the gloomy grey background and turn some lights on, those bunnies are hiding in the dark


  2. Kay :), I might model a little low poly boxing ring, give him someone to fight as well. So if you have any animal suggestions throw them my way :D

    Thank you Michael :)