Thursday, 14 November 2013

I'm not dead XD

Yes people I'm not dead just yet so why haven't I been updating my blog then? Well a number of things, firstly being my family are trying to make up for the 3 years I spent at university by dragging me about the country. I don't mind it but it makes for less work. Other reasons are I'm just too lazy to upload and demotivation. So lets see what I can cram into a blog.

First thing i was working on was a thing for a small games company. I never got it finished due to the routine i had but still not allowed to show you guys what I did cause that would be wrong of me. So just take that as I did some low poly character texture practice but a bear ate my hard drive and now all that's left is this conspicuous blurry image that has nothing to do with the previous paragraph.

Recently been working on the guy character I started ages ago. I kinda left it for a while then came back to after some more tutorials and research to try help improve my ability to texture as I know that's where I suffer. But another main thing is detailing in zbrush. i have to focus on skin texture and details like pores. It is something i don't do right now because im still trying to find out whats the best way to do these. Below is progress on the hands, they need a lot of work but i find myself getting bored when it comes to adding details and so i need to find a way to make it fun really.

So to try and counteract what i said with adding details i tried to do this on the shoe and go into more detail than i normally would. This was a great test and it showed me how much masking is important and how knowing your zbrush is important. Now I'm not saying it's perfect, i have to again go around in another clean up pass and detail pass but I'm making progress.

I took an evening to work on a new head for my character, I watched a lot of tutorials and tried to absorb as much information as i could and implement that into a new head sculpt. I much prefer this head to my previous. Again lacking those skin details but the shape and form is there. i think right now where i am less comfortable with Zbrush detailing I will prob do height map pores and overplay with the sculpt normal as I understand that a little more.

So here is some progress below, i have found that separating up my mesh into bitable chunks it has made it easier for me to do everything. I try focus on a sculpt then export that subtool into max and retopo then back to the sculpt again. Its an odd way to work but it keeps the sculpting progress from getting stangant and stops u from having tunnel vision.

I finally started to texture, there is something awesome about texturing that i do enjoy. Now i never thought i would say that but its were your model comes together. I will be using both hand painting and references to create this character again hopefully watching dem tutorials has helped me understand the texturing of a character. These are just rough textures for the mean time and i will build up the detail in layers.

P.s. I haven't sculpted the hair properly and so that's why he's temporary bald but i will be using alphas for this model to get me used to that method once again.

Right also as another test I took a cube from the Zbrush tools and sculpted lips on it. I learnt a lot about lips from one tutorial i found on youtube. These type of tests are awesome as nothing has to be perfect im just experimenting with other peoples techniques to find what works best for me.

Another project I have been working on is my alien type fawn character...thing. yeah otherwords just a random Zbrush sculpt but below you can see some of the choices i made and how i changed them as the sculpt progessed.

It's pretty interesting cause u aren't fixed to any decision and this is quite liberating and you just kinda go with it. It means i was more apt to change things if it just wasn't working for me. Also here you see the skin in more bumpy than what I usually do. this is from watching a tutorial from a character artist in which they like to add and substract the skin in order to give detail. He doesn't use the smooth feature instead using this push and pull to achieve a more organic look. It's quite cool but very time consuming and i really should have used the alpha i did because it made my life harder. I also tried to give this thing a body but i just wasn't feeling it, i tired a few alterations but ended up dumping them because it didn't look right. All in the name of progress :D

I also am trying to get with grips with polypaint but i haven't researched that much into it and i need to learn how to use lightbox in zbrush for its polypainting use.

I also did a quick sculpt today, trying to get into the whole daily sculpt type thing so this one is based of Angellina Jolie. I am getting better at faces, hopefully with a bit more practice I can get better resemblances.

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