Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bravest Warriors - Danny Vasquez

I took a little break to day to do something fun. I was watching Puppycat for the eleventh hundred time and I started to watch some Bravest Warriors. This cartoon is done by the same guys as Adventure Time and even Fairy Odd Parents back in the day. I wanted to model one of them so I picked one, Danny looked cool and so I spent today modelling him. This is not game ready, not unwraped just coloured using basic max skills and rendered though the consistent colour viewport. But it came out well I think, he's a little sideways chubby so I'm going to fix that but it was a cool little test and it didn't take me all day either. I went visiting a relative, watched hours of youtube, watched the tipping point and failed at answering even the most basic of questions...etc.  I might do some more of the Bravest Warriors universe because I enjoyed this one so much.

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