Friday, 2 August 2013

Modern Character

So been trying to work on a modern character that would be a main or side character in a game. This is to challenge myself into doing higher poly stuff and it will add a nice piece for my portfolio. I have shit tonnes to do and trying to stay focused is always a problem but I'm being fairly productive over the last couple of days so hoping to keep this up. No doubt I enjoy doing characters a lot more than environments, the hard thing is characters don't just take a day or two to do and so it makes it a challenge when you're quiet fickle on projects as I am. Anywho I sketched out the idea and it isn't a concrete must stick to sketch, there is things I will change. For example I did want high boots but then weirdly enough i wanted to try and do hairy legs and see what problems that would give me. I would presume it would just be part of the diffuse but you could alpha them. Always choosing the hardest option eh, I also love low crotch jeans, you see here I drew shorts, as for now this is staying but I might end up just making it shorts in the end because it will be 10 times easier to rig. I gathered some ref of the clothes I was kind of thinking off;

So here's my progression on the sculpt. I want to have multiple layers on this character to make it more realistic. I also want to add tattoos to break the character's body up a bit. Although i do have a problem in which my base sculpt was one centimeter off due to an accidental rotation. This means when I'm sculpting it isn't symmetrical  This wouldn't provide that much of a problem only the hands really fucked up on me, on is sculpted like a hand and the other has con-caved fingers.

I haven't started on the clothes yet, trying to get the body form right first and I add details. DETAILS DETAILS, this is important because I often try and leave the details out because its the most time consuming and hardest but not this time spammy. I have to increase the hand size because they are looking rather small, might largen the feet a little as well. I don't have an ethnicity yet but i think I'm going to go for Asian in the end. I also don't have a hairstyle in mind but I am going alpha this so I'm going to leave that to 3ds Max.

So yerg yet another project in my folder of ongoing. Have faith guys I'll finish this shit :D

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