Thursday, 14 November 2013

10,000 Page views

So finally got to that mark, to be honest it has more to do with my AC art posts and the Machinarium concept pieces. But never the less still a big milestone, so a special little post for you guys...not 3D stuff...waaaaaaat I hear you say. Yes I am shocked too.

 I entered the scribblenaut competition in which you had to draw DC heroes or villians in the scibblenaut style. It was a fun little painting to do and I enjoy doing cute stuff like who doesn't? I chose to do the circus of strange which are not very well known Batman villains but i found them interesting ans so based a small scene around them.

Also for all you Korra lovers I got bored one day and drew this, i never finished it but i kinda like it not finished. Esme and Desna...i think are their names (i could look it up but that would mean opening a new tab...pfff). 

Im thinking i should prob get into more realistic painting....ahhhh just kidding yeah I like to draw with vibrancy and more colours than your eyes can preceive. I hope to draw more as I do miss it, i might upload some of my sketch book sketches too but i hardly find the time to do that either. But heres to 10 thousand views and hopefully a lot more.

Sammy's words of wonder: Dreams are only a figment of imagination but all goals are achievable. So don't believe a dream will come true instead set a goal in which to make it a reality.

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