Sunday, 13 January 2013

Rooftop Video & Screenshots

Long time no see blog, I have missed you and now I have to do a major update :D

Sound does not belong to me, I can only do so much, creating music isn't one of them.

 So I finally get around to finishing off my rooftop...I say finished there is much that needs to be done still but for now I am leaving it at this so i can focus my attention on Aviator. So what has this taken me so long to do? With a combination of being lazy and bad time management I would say. I'm not a person to make excuses, I'm a twat for not getting it done earlier and that's my fault but when i find the motivation i drive though.

Okay so thoughts, Sammy hates texturing and so didn't do it for a long time, this is something I will change during FMP, I will model, unwrap and texture and asset before moving onto the next one. That way I can get to do the part I enjoy as well as keep me focused and on track.

So what annoys me most? Its the super clean floor and no dynamic shadows, so that is definitely something I will play with but as with UDK nothing is as simple as one tick box. But what things did Heather tell me to do at assessment and did I do it? Well it was a blank canvas and she told me to get it textured so that's done. She also said that I had a really boring area in my level which I placed a big sign :D.

Here are some screenshots too, my level is a weird one because it would benefit from a portrait screenshot but obviously I can't do that, and nope can't take two and merge it in photoshop because everything is rotating it would be almost impossible to time up.

Problems you have to ask? KISMET, okay I like kismet its not bad and i thought the Ferris wheel was going to be a doddle. Oh how I was wrong Adding separate lights was the biggest regret of my scene, but i couldn't do it in groups because that would have went over budget  Now I spent literally hours and hours researching the best way to do this and their seemed to be a way but you had to learn to code. I my fine sirs am not a coder and so i searched and searched and found a method of attaching the light to an existing track, that way i wouldn't have to manually move every light around in a circle. So I thought you could attach multiple lights to a node....nope it wasn't happening. And so i had to do it the long way, now this isn't what they would do in industry but I wouldn't be doing this in a job so be prepared for my image of death.

I actually exceeded kismet limit...i didn't think this was possible but even with that error message everything seems to still move okay. now I couldn't make an image big enough for you to actuallly see what's happening, thats as far as i can zoom out and i still had to use 3 screenshots to get that image. I hope you appreciate the hours I spend connecting and lining up nodes, no joke like never mind hours lets calculate in days.

Nevertheless it works and thats all that matters :D

Above is the material i used for my assets to give them that stylized look. If you haven't guessed already I love stylized stuff and I take any excuse to slap on an awesome shader. Will my aviator be stylized? Of course because that's how i roll.

Okay I'll  leave it at that, time to upload and update to other places now :D Love you blog, i have missed our talks :)

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