Monday, 28 January 2013

Aviator Base & 2nd Years

So its been a while since i updated where my model is at, low poly is done, unwrapping is finished. Total tri count is 8,826. AO's are baked, high poly is baked, base is done. So what is now is going into make the items of clothing look like the materials they are suppose to be. I still have to rig but it shouldn't take very long so all in all i'm not doing too bad with timing, its all about just getting stuck in and doing the last parts to really sell the character.

On a side note any second years that read my blog here are a few websites you can search pictures for your inspiration talk. Search them and type in the things you want to look at and I'm sure you will find some awesome stuff. You should be inspired by the world around you and what people create, if you haven't started an inspiration folder, do it now. It will become your library of awesome you go to feed your brain when it's hungry for ideas;


  1. strange character proportions... see me at once!

  2. Yeh, I have exaggerated the proportions on the model in certain areas to give something more interesting to look at, so the hands are larger, the hips are bigger. I did have her legs longer but I shorted them as I thought it looked better. I will be in tomorrow for grasshops so I'll pop in and see you then :)