Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Okay so after receiving some constructive critique from Mikey & Chris about the stylized proportions of the character I spend the morning tweaking the mesh to make it more realistic. I see where they are coming from in terms of i need to be consistent with the style to make it work. I love TF2 below are some of their characters and you see they are stylizes the same but in different wants. they all have tapering feet, their arms and forearms are larger, the skeleton is more torso heavy for the most part of them. But they still look in proportion to themselves.

Right so I got some reference pictures up and started to amend the mesh a bit, i put the flat diffuse on as well so it's easier to tell what part is what. I shortened the whole character, areas like the legs and boot were too long. The arms obviously were too big so i decreased them. The average is 7 and a half heads tall, i made her 8 because she was becoming stumpy and it seems to work okay. The previous model was 8 and a half, I put the hand to the face to check the proportions were correct then placed them back on.

But as i stated in the red I though the shoulders were too square so i lowered them a bit and i still wasn't happy with the hands. So i did more adjustments, making legs smaller again, i widened the waist...etc.So any crit would be good at this time to see if the proportions are better :) in the meantime I will finish the texturing.

I also went an browsed some websites for women of similar shape to the aviator concept. Its a thing i forgot to mention that I'm not doing an 80 year old aviator because I'm trying to follow the concept who is a young female. Anywho images belows;

I also looked at bigger curvier women in case I wanted to go that way with the model. Its something I might do at the end is make her more curvy just for fun, I think it would add more character but at the same time the concept is thin but it can be like a different version :)

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