Saturday, 18 January 2014

Radiant team wins

So been working on a few things, was searching a bit into Dota 2 items and started to make a Phantom Lancer weapon. This is the first weapon I've done in a long time and i wanted to do something simple so i could learn the process of making assets for valve. They do things differently than UDK and so it's interesting to learn another pipeline and they use a lot of masking mix maps for their Dota shader. Anywho here is a preview of how its coming along, still need plenty of work but its something to break up comicon.

So I haven't been as productive as I should have been with the comicon challenge. I have been working alot in max again as that's where I'm most comfortable creating the shapes of the mesh. I tried to do this in Zbrush after watching a few tutorials learning about panel loops but i just feel more comfortable in max. I really want to bring my Zbrushing to the next level and so hopefully get in some good detailing into this model.

 Above is when i attempted to do the straps in Zbrush but I found it more difficult than with below which is my max version. I can do a number of techniques in max using the conform tools and the base topology to create a more hugging mesh.

 I also did a silhouette check to see if she loos unique and still look like hisako. Feet need to be bigger again...maybe i have a fetish for small feet or I'm scare of giving her man feet but yeah i'll have to sort that out.

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