Sunday, 12 January 2014

I can poly group now, why have I waited so long?

So it's been a while since I tried a female character and the last time I intentionally did weird proportions so it's quite the change trying to get them right. Even though this is all based off comic book character which tend to be more slender and taller than the usual head height I want to try and make mine as realistic as I can. As you can see with my doodling I have a lot of changes to make right off the bat but I'm trying to notice the things that are wrong and amend them in the earlier stages when its a lot easier to fix it.

Even now I am learning new things, mostly to do with Zbrush in which I welded two subtools together without a seem using subtool master and importing the mesh to weld the points. Learning more about the interface and ways to enhance it better for myself. I did a crappy unwrap of my base mesh in order to create the poly groups, this seemed easier than trying to mask off the areas in Zbrush especially when some stuff is close together (which reminds me i really should spread my arms a bit). Learning is fun :)

 Sorry if you can't read my crappy writing and so here are my rants copied just in case you can't.
- Soften head features                                      - volumise hair more
- Make eyes less anime                                    - thicken wrists
- Hands need to be bigger?                              - do the legs need more girth
- Arms too long?                                              - feet too small or forearm too big?
-Taper in neck                                                 - calves a bit flat (ankles ain't that dainty)
- Flatten nose bridge                                         - neck still too long (I already fiddled with this)
- Round butt more, careful though shes suppose to be Asian at the end of the day (no offense)

Any more suggestions or help would be highly appreciated, I made a game artisans account today so I'll have to post my stuff soon and get some crit.

Playing about cause I'm a freak, no real reason but I want to keep playing with the costume, unless I'm doing "final" in which case this is just a waste of time. But at the current moment in time I'm still liking the stand idea and I like her without as much armor on. So i might just keep swapping in and out to see what I think looks better while keeping her unique but true to the character. Character design is tough sometimes :/

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