Monday, 17 June 2013

Mute the Cute Newt

So what you at Mr Henry? Why thank you for asking blogger :) Well I just wanna model shit and so I have been. I wanted to try some character work since FMP, in a number of ways. First I just started with a sphere and tried to make it into something human, using a celeb as reference. Of course there is plenty wrong with it but what would i need practice for if I was already perfect.

Also I need to do cute stuff and here's a hamster....yip. Gotta unwrap and texture it still :D

Also tried my hand at a different bust, this is kimarhi from FFX but my version I guess. This tests many things and again lots wrong but LEARNING. 

And the best of the whole thing is I've been inspired by Aymen's stuff and I've had this little thing in my mind for a while. This is Mute, Mute is a newt, he cannot talk but he's great at rolling and jumping. I hope to getting him all rigged and slithering along a cute environment.


I've also started work on this fella cause hes fucking cool, I only have a base mesh at the minute so nothing exciting to show. But the main thing here to note is I'm trying to burst out all this energy, but i need to start and focus on one project at a time. That is a problem with me, I like to flit back and forth so for now I'm going to pick one and then finish it. I have something to show then instead of a hundred WIP's, anywho that is all bros :)

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