Sunday, 30 September 2012

An update...kind of...not really...*sigh*

 I haven't wrote a blog post in forever, I almost forgot how this thing works. But I thought i should put up a little bit before work starts back this week. The summer has been and gone and before you even have time to think, I have done work during this time but I can never get anything finished. I get distracted and leave things before going back to them. This means I have started many things but finished nothing. Now that isn't the way to learn. Right now I'm trying to plow through Zbrush tutorials and I need to use it a lot during my final year to meet with the industries standards.

So here is some screenshots of one of the projects I was doing, it was based of an image I found and I was trying to replicate and make it. It was interesting making a stylized scene and it's all about the shader. If you have a good shader then you can make the scene really stand out. As I stated before this isn't finished but I hope to at least get it looking well at some point this year, render off a few good screengrabs for my portfolio you never know.

                          Progress shot with block out and a couple of textures

Progress shot, more textures are done at this point but more need to be done to refine especially the lighting.

I also was doing a creature for some organic practice but never got to finish it, the result is below, i have unfinished textures and some major seems going on but this is all trying to work out a good workflow when working between programs. 

What to do know is actually get stuck into work, reel out assets and produce awesome scenes for my last year. I don't feel ready to be a third year but I am going into it with a positive attitude and i will do the best I can. I only have one shot at this so I'm going to aim high and achieve. I may not be the best modeller or texturer on the course but I have creativity and passion to do well and I think that's what will see me through a successful last year :)

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