Saturday, 12 May 2012

Glow Boy

And so my day has been doing some Zbrush practice, and when I say day I mean after my daily dose of anime...don't judge. 

With my new dance routine and lab sessions I felt compelled to do some personal work that wasn't so tedious as watching programs crash. I took my head from the 3D self project and messed around with it a bit in Zbrush, trying to get over my fear of "messing things up". And then I learned a bit of poly painting which is so awesome. I have yet to find the quick colour pick shortcut that doesn't involve dragging the colour box over to the area I want. Never the less it was fun and ended up with the below. I took it into Photoshop to do some things that Zbrush wouldn't let me but I feel poly paint is an awesome technique to get the creativity flowing. I did 10 other designs before this one, all crap but I went through the process. 

I did some colour changes in PS but I still liked the blue and orange one I had orange-ingly done ( If you get the joke it means you are as sad as me writing it). What is this character you say? Well....I dunno but lets say some tribe thing who likes glow in the dark paint.

Best thing about my mind is you don't need an explanation to be creative.

P.s. The "blood" you see in meat isn't actually blood. It's water mixed with myoglobin (a muscle protein) days apparently spent learning science facts.

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