Monday, 23 April 2012

Past - Present - Future

I already wrote a blog on the group project which covers that period of time but I didn't really review the year. So I wanted to do a short blog on my thoughts on this year and intentions for next.

So 2D this year has been slow, I feel as if I have improved in a lot of areas but I still have a long way to go. There is something that I am missing but i can't put my finger on it. I can understand the principles of what I am trying to draw yet I can't portray it the way I would like to. I think my main problem is I have to have everything as smooth as I can. I need to have good transition. This wastes time and I still don't get the result I wanted. I haven't been able to but my all into 2D this year due to the amount of creative projects in the second semester we were given I didn't have time to sit down and work on them as I was trying to do 3D work. I much prefer the go out and draw this, more instructional and I can see development quicker. I almost find it tedious to go through the creative pipeline to lead me to interesting characters and environments, yet I know it's essential. It is something I will work on over the summer. Set myself speed paints of stuff around me and then when I feel I have progressed move onto more creative studies. I say this yet I know my priority for summer is get better at 3D to produce an awesome FMP.

Critical Studies this year has been fun although I had the same problem as with 2D in which I was already doing multiple blogs a week on the group blog that my personal one got neglected. But when I got back to them I enjoyed it...mostly. I had a lot of fun with the creativity blog and I would love to do more on some of the Ted Talks videos I have watched. Which I might do after this blog.

As for next year I am extremely looking forward to it, I can't help think of the projects and what I want to do. I have been collecting resources of sculpture artists so I can pick from a plethora of images. I have narrowed it down a bit to the below images;

They all have something really interesting about them and I just have to decide on one :O
The rooftop I have went through multiple ideas the first being a huge greenhouse but now I have settled on a theme park. I love really awesome creepy theme parks you see in games and so I would want to portray this for my rooftop. This time you getting no images as I am going to concept it and it will be AWESOME :)

As for FMP I have been thinking a lot of what I would put my time into, what would i want to do and not get bored while doing it. So after lots of thinking I want to do a dreamscape, I am fascinated in the human mind and dreams and how it can be very surreal. My challenge is to try and concept a working environment with lots of quirky twists, this means I have lots of freedom and you will see lots of really weird and awesome imagery....hopefully. I'm still in the early stages of thinking about it and I have refined it down but I got some interesting ideas to say the least.

So my plans for next year are almost set, I am looking forward to a very stressful, tiring year I will probably ever do but I will love it. Next step get a job at Ninja Theory, bo yeah :D

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