Friday, 6 April 2012


I've known about Journey for a while, I knew it had a beautiful art style, innovative game play, awesome soundtrack but this was like a year ago and I almost forgot about it. This is until it was brought back to my attention with its release, I got to play this game at Mr. Dempsey's house. I am now very jealous I don't own a PS3, I'm even considering taking a trip back to Ireland just to use my sisters PS3.

Journey could easily become one of my favourite games, I played just a little bit of gameplay but I was hooked. It is just stunning. I love Indie companies and I was saying today if I was a member who made this game I would stamp my forehead with "Life Completed". The games market has got me really interested and excited this last year and even writing this blog I am trembling with exuded passion. In the past I would rarely get so worked up about a game but Journey has got me thinking about it all day and it will continue to be in my mind.

The game consists of you playing as a nameless figure that walks the desert. You have three button controls, walk, sound, jump, really simplistic but so captivating. The soundtrack stops and starts in exactly the right areas, and it supports the settings perfectly. The environments are vast and have beautiful colours, Sam's Law is being ticked at every area I visited. It has beautiful compositions, I took notice that everywhere I looked was interesting and the camera would direct you to the most asethically pleasing angle almost. I dunno if that is just the way I play but the game is just beautiful and I can't really put in words how much I just want to steal an PS3 just to play this game. If you haven't heard of Journey go get a PS3 and play it. Experiencing it is far better than watching some twat on youtube talk and ruin the gameplay trying to be funny when he's just being a knobend.

Below are a couple of trailers but they don't do justice to how awesome this game actually is. Unfortunately the only downside of this game seems to be its length. You can complete it within 2 hours supposedly but when i get a hold of it I will explore everywhere and it will most likely take me 8+ hours and I will enjoy every moment. Savoring it until i cry tears of joy. I still don't think I have expressed my feelings toward this game effectively so talk to me in real life. I will natter on about this game I played for 20 minutes until your ears are bleeding from the thick Irish accent that will haunt your dreams.

End of small rant, maybe I'll do another one about the other games I am really excited about...who knows? Suffice to say my aim is to work for people who do things differently than the normal games company and it seems indie is the way to go. I will happily work the rest of my life on games like Journey getting paid minimum wage because I will enjoy every moment of it.

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