Friday, 12 November 2010

History of Computer games Part 3: 2000's

Games in the 2000's...most of them are shit to be honest. With the top of the range consoles and HDTV why do I feel like every game being made at the minute is the same boring crap? It's either another first person shooter with added pee on the wall feature or another cliché fighting, driving or repetitive Wii game. It seems if I play any game released 10 years ago I'll get more enjoyment. This could be the fact that I'm a moany bastard and white hairs are finally showing from the pink, or it could be that the games industry has hit a stand still. For me go stylised and you'll hit the right buttons. Anywho this is becoming more of a blog about what I wanted gaming technology to be like and not the way it actually is.

The industry is in disarray since “Oh lets give tax breaks to the games industry because we finally recognise them” to “Oh lets not give them tax breaks because they are worthless twats.” With this added with the whole shit economy the games industry suffered a great blow. It's not cheap to make games, plus to see years of work just shut down completely before your eyes is kind of disheartening. Because of all this companies haven't strived in the UK, they either close up shop or just move to a different country.

Luciana Berger (young labour MP) asked Cameron

Before the election all three parties pledged to introduce a video games tax relief to compete internationally on a level playing-field, Why has the government reneged on that promise?”

So we have got to take difficult decisions,” David Cameron responded, "I think that tax break relief, which was not particularly successful or targeted, had to go. Those are the difficult decisions we have to take.”

Oh so well explained, in other words “The games industry is a load of bollocks even though two years running it has produced more revenue than the film industry and has proved itself as a valuable part of the UK”. The future looks bleak in the UK, to be honest you'd be better off setting up a games studio on the middle of ocean, you'd have more luck. Oh and one more interesting fact;

Data is hard to gather, but TIGA’s [previous] 2009 survey found that half of studios’ lost jobs went overseas, 72 per cent of them to Canada.” I need say more?

Once again I have strayed from my point to bash the government for their blind attitude toward the games industry. Anywho the 21st century has brought us new technological advances like kinect and the Wii. These have revolutionised gaming and brought it to a larger audience. But before all that we got the PS2 and the Xbox. These consoles brought the games industry into mainstream territory. New graphics, new HCI, new console equals money. New ideas like Singstar, Guitar hero, Eyetoy brought more audiences to gaming, yes they were shit (except of guitar hero cause I'm awesome (but not really, just awesome enough for hard and maybe a little extreme =3)). The seventh generation of games consoles brought the Wii, Xbox360 and the Playstation 3. As of September 2010 the Wii has sold 75.90 million units, the Xbox360 has sold 44.6 million units and the PS3 has sold 41.6 million units. That's a hell of a lot of people playing consoles. And as I said the kinect is out now so it's a jazzed up the eyetoy...repeating ideas...get your own brain, argh. In saying that we we're at the hospital with Sophie the other day and she was playing it, the little monkey dog thing is so cute.

I think with the next generation of consoles will bring new ideas hopefully mind and 3D technology will be available so we can totally immerse ourselves into a realistic game world. Of course there's lots of ethic issues with this but it seems like the next step forward in gaming evolution. Gaming technology is becoming part of daily life and soon will be used more and more in educational means and not just for spare time gun raping each other.

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