Sunday, 10 October 2010

Me, Myself and Irene...Who the hell's Irene?

                      My name is Sam, I was born and raised in Ireland, unfortunately I don't speak Irish because my dad is a big protestant and I never got the The only Irish I do know is how to say 1 – 10, hardly a large achievement in linguistic skills. I had a very simple childhood, so simple that I don't remember most of it. But basically I have a twin sister who I am very close to and about a bijillion other siblings. The question on everybody's mind is “Can you feel pain when your twin does?”, to be honest I have but it's only happened once or twice in my life. But yeah back to subject, I went through the usual childhood of being bullied, a loner and a geek (not one of the smart ones though, one of the non-smart geeks; if there is such a thing). After a while I grew more mature and didn't care about what people thought, hence the pink hair. Before the pink hair it was red and black, yellow and black, then back to red and black, then onto white, red and brown...anywho then eventually pink. Why pink? Well basically most men are too scared of what society thinks of them to dye their hair what is a stereotypical girl colour. I like to prove them wrong, so if you ever look at my dress sense and I'm wearing a frock, you now know why.

                    I chose this course because I want to be a concept artist, it's that simple. I am a mature student even though I look like an immature pubescent boy. After school I did my A levels but it wasn't what I expected it to be, it was harder, the only thing I did enjoy was art but even at that I only got a C. After that I did apply to a couple of universities my first choice being a game art course in Norwich. I tried to attend the interview but to get there it was such a pain so I gave up and decided to take a gap year, my dreams vanish another year in the future. During that gap year I worked in my old school as science technician and it's the main reason why I am on the course today. I found out that I didn't want to be in a job I hated. The pay was good and it wasn't that hard work, the hardest thing to do is to keep on schedule and to ignore the snide comments of the teachers behind your back. I had a lot of responsibility and if I didn't fulfil my job role then I would destroy a whole classes schedule. In actual fact the best time I had in the job was when I had to ring up a health and safely line to ask them what to do if I breathe hydrochloric acid, it was a fun conversation with a lovely Scottish lady by the name of Ann.
                      After my accidental suicide attempt I found out that their was a games development course in Northern Ireland...I repeat NORTHERN IRELAND, since when did we become so privileged to have a game course?. I pretty much applied straight away for the next year. My time in college was excellent, such an amazing experience to say the least. Even though there was a phenomenal amount of work I loved learning about nearly all areas of the games industry. I say nearly because I absolutely hated testing because I had too make the test flow diagram, all the tests cases to make a test case. There is one thing I have learned about myself when it comes to something I love is that I overcomplicate things. I will write a separate blog one day detailing what I did on the course and how it made me ready for university.
To be honest I could rant all day about things that are barely even interesting to me so I shall stop myself before I go into why climbing trees made me a creative person and just leave you with one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite books.

FIDELIAS: (Clubs his opponent to death)
ALDRICK: That's one way to do it. If you don't mind spattering blood everywhere.
FIDELIAS: You got blood everywhere.
ALDRICK: But mine's in a pattern. It's aesthetically pleasing.

Art jokes for the win

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