Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Reflection and Refraction - My journey through first year

Odd title but just bare with me, at the start of this year I started off walking in a straight line, I was happy with 3D and 2D and blogs where fine also. Then after the first week you see everyone else’s work and then that straight line suddenly refracts to somewhere out of your reach. So I have been climbing that line all year trying to get to a standard that I am happy with. Did I reach it? Honestly I don't think I improved enough, I can see my improvement from the first week but this course I so fast pased that you are constantly sprinting to get to the next level and when you get there you only find the finish goal was just a mirage and your journey continues. That is all very negative but I am glad I am on this course, it is pushing me to grow into the potential that everyone sees. I won't let myself down I will keep on sprinting until I get to where I want to be. I don't want to be a good artist to get into the games industry, I want to be a good artist so I can be proud in the art I produce and finally get those crazy disturbingly cute ideas out of my head.

This year has been hard not only with the course but in getting people to do their jobs. Sade and myself have went through hell in this house trying to get it to a living standard. We have spent all this semester and last trying to get the place damp proofed but no one can do their job. As well as that it took them 6 – 7 weeks to fix the shower, they didn't do a gas check, live wires were left uncovered...the list goes on. Our landlord doesn't have landlord insurance and so has to fork out lots of money and so is taking is sweet ass time in doing things. But it hasn't affected my work...much, apart from not being able to properly use our kitchen we are able to get by. But in all of this shit I have learned truly that if you want something done you really do have to do it for yourself. Anyway enough blabbing and back to the reflection.

It hardly seems like I have done a year of university, time has gone so quickly and now it's close to the time where you see if you get through to the second year or not. Recently I have been taking too many days playing games instead of doing work. One thing I will promise myself for the summer and the second year is to draw everyday. If I do that I will have a loads of drawings from just sitting 15 minutes to draw something and I will improve. I commend Tristan for his devotion and doing a still life everyday and it is something I plan to work into my everyday living.

Anyway all I ever do I slag myself and keep saying that I'm shit so it's positive time for a change. What I am proud of is that I have kept to schedule with everything...pretty much. Industry is all about time and if I can adhere to dates and schedules then I will do well in the work place. I am happy to have gone to university it has boosted my confidence (like you didn't think I had enough because of my pink hair but I am incredibly anti-social and shy). I loved talking about the course to the interviewees, it gives me a chance to talk to these people and give them an incite of the course but not to be cramped full of numbers and statistics. If you want to succeed in life you will if you have passion.

I think I have progressed most in 2D and I plan to do lots of summer projects to increase my ability to draw and also in 3D, although 3D on a laptop is incredibility annoying but hey I will cope. Me and Will are going to keep a blog together so I will also be blogging. You never know I might actually get good at this blogging business one of these days. I think I am ready to go in to the next year with a good attitude and with the improvements I WILL make over the summer I will aim for a First. If I'm the only child in my family to go to university then I'm god damn gonna make them proud.

First week final

Last week final

One last thing, this is Hilter eating a watermelon...that is all.

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