Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sir William Orpen

I have been looking at this artist for my masters study and self portrait in the style of a masters and I just wanted to share some of his portraiture work. For me his portraiture work is the best work he's produced, he captures the importance of the figures he draws and the unfinished style is just beautiful. My old art teacher use to tell me "Don't over work it". I would go into pencil and keep shading and shading and shading, but you get to a point when the more you add to the image the crapper it looks. So I admire this style of painting and when i get time will try do some oil paints in a similar style. For more information on him click the wiki link, all you need to know is he's Irish which instantly makes him awesome. Below is some of his portraiture work;

Below is my attempt reproducing one of Orpens paintings. I've loved doing this projects because you see the colours the artist has used and you try replicate that, you see that the skin isn't just pink and  more pink, your skin reflects colours like everything else and you see lots of greens and yellows in the skin. This all depends on race and where they person is from, so a painting can tell you a lot about a person.

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